I wish you knew,
I wish it was you,
I wish you could see me,
I wish we could be happy.

I wish to exist,
I wish everything, I persist,
I wish you to be near,
I wish you to hold me, dear.

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A Dream Within My Dream

I wasn’t sure if I believe in love
And then here I met you
I wasn’t sure if these feelings last
And then I fell out of the blue.

I smile when I have you close
How I wish my heart to be yours
How strange this feeling, why?
My heart suddenly stops whenever you pass by.

I know you’re just my dream
Yes, funny it may seem
A start I couldn’t reach
Music on its highest pitch.

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Impeccable Vow

I was once afraid of falling in love,
You said I should be brave,
I spoke what’s on my mind,
It kept repeating your name.

I saw all that I had to see,
But thy heart only seeks the picture of you and me,
I heard how vexed the sound of pain was,
But I endured it, despite all the past.

I smelled the grief within my soul,
It’s you who completes my whole,
I tasted this bitter sweet complexion of life,
For you and I to stay ignite.

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