BLOG NEWS (May 10, 2018)

Hello, everyone! Clover here. In behalf of the Kahapon Pa Ako Gising (KPAG) team, we’re sorry if you haven’t been seeing some posts lately. We’ve been quite busy these past several weeks and can’t manage our time well. But that doesn’t mean we’re putting you down! We have plans for the next few months and hopefully, it works out as imagined.

The following notes may not be relevant to you, but I’ll leave it here if you are curious.

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I have not waited for him and thought to overthink. I did not hope with much effort and wish to the genie, because I always knew- it hasn’t been strong; the feeling. To find someone– you would never imagine.


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The atmosphere between them was not as calm as the weather from outside. Both were feeling tense, though they didn’t know why. It must have been the coffee — or maybe something else. But there they sat quietly; eyes distracted by the clouds drifting faster as the seconds go by. A deep breath to break the silence. Then, their eyes meet.
“You know what, I’ve been thinking,” the man said while lightly shaking his cup of coffee as if stirring its brewed content.
“About what?” the woman said.
“What if ‘us’ happened?” he looked at her. “Would we still be together?”
She looked down. Then back at his eyes. The same pair of eyes she longed to see again for a very long time.
“You know, that question has also bothered me for eight years already,” she said with a faint smile on her face.
“Really?” his face had a mixed emotion of hope and disbelief.
She looked at him and gave a slight nod.
“For all those years,” he said. “I always wanted to talk to you.”
“Why didn’t you?” she asked.
“I was afraid.”
“Afraid of what?”
“That you might not keep your word.”
He looked away and held his cup with both hands.
“That you might still reject me even if we settled to be just friends,” he continued.

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