Silhouette of a Fan

The sun has risen in pale blue sky,
I see the world out there, I see this guy,
I heard a melody, I heard it breathing,
I know it’s from my body, it kept repeating;

From the corner, I stood,
From afar I looked,
I saw him glance, I saw him smile,
It made me contented for a while

His humble voice,
His eyes undying,
His heart speaks,
His faith that is growing.

From that moment, I became a fan,
Awakened by the sweet voice of this man,
Talking to him will complete the missing,
But thy mind says “no”, my heart continuously kicking.

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Deity, here me out.

Deity, here me out.

I know your plan is unknown,
I know everything that happens has a reason
I know my life wasn’t an exemption
In this platform right where I belong

I am once in love with the world
To its untold stories soon to unfold
Delighted with the sun that sets on its horizon
Amazed on how stars shine upon

I am once, but why am I still here?
Dwelling in a place I cannot understand clear
I am hurting, Why am I now in fear?
I am bleeding, Drowning in a sky of tears

As a pained liquid fell down from my left eye
Comes my woes and sighs
Realizing how my life was being controlled
By you-a Deity they once told

Begging, please don’t let me get attached
To what’s not meant for me anymore.
Don’t let me get attached
To something that’s being torn

Don’t let me suffer as if I’m never been wounded
Don’t let me choose things I’ll soon regret
Don’t let me hold on to what I need to let go of.
Don’t let me fight for what I need to release and hope

Do not let me desire what will eventually destroy me
Do not let me love those who will break my heart
Coz I know I get attached easily
and hold on to things tightly

So please don’t let my mind want things that I can’t handle
Don’t let my heart long for the ones who left.
Because I’m already tired of being a lonely moon
Tired of being the lyrics of a sad song

I’m already tired of crying
Tired of trying
A soul tired of hoping
Tired of everything

I’m already a lost soul
Please hear my tired self
Who couldn’t find its glow
A soul without a color on its own.

The Nervous System

I feel numb and tired.

I feel hopeless.

There is so much loud screams in my head every day.

And every night I have to endure terrible whispers.

I feel abandoned,

neglected and forgotten.

What do I live for?

What is my purpose?

Secretly struggling…

I don’t know who it was that has been contradicting me.

The one controlling me.

But I am tired of it all.

So so tired…

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Diary Nating Lahat

Noon, masulat lang natin sa papel ang ating nadarama, ayos na
Hindi na kailangan na ng mambabasa
Hindi na kailangan ng simpatya
At hindi na rin kailangan pusaan nila
Pero ngayon..

Sa pagpatak ng oras ay may nabubuong araw
At sa bawat araw na dumadaan ay may nabubuong buwan
At sa daming buwan na, na ating pinagsamahan
Ito na ang taon, ang pagkakataon, ang WI-FI kailangan laging naka-ON!
Kailangan na natin ng koneksyon!
Well, welcome sa makabagong mundo
Kung saan napakaliit ng ispasyo
Madaling makakita ng mga tao
Ultimo taga malayo maabot mo
Aba’y sobrang high tech na ng dayaring ito
Pero ang pinagkaiba nito sa noon
Wala nang privacy ang diary mo ngayon

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