Impeccable Vow

I was once afraid of falling in love,
You said I should be brave,
I spoke what’s on my mind,
It kept repeating your name.

I saw all that I had to see,
But thy heart only seeks the picture of you and me,
I heard how vexed the sound of pain was,
But I endured it, despite all the past.

I smelled the grief within my soul,
It’s you who completes my whole,
I tasted this bitter sweet complexion of life,
For you and I to stay ignite.

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Complicated Heart

You started to speak with a simple “Hello!”
While I was crying on the other side
You asked me what was wrong
You told me to be strong

My heart could not beat
My mind could not think
I look upon your eyes
You uttered, “He’s not worth a cry”

You hand me a piece of cloth
To wipe my tears, to share my thought
“Who are you?” I quickly asked
“The man that will never hurt you,” you gasp.

I was shocked, I walked away
Then astonished when I saw you on another day
You yelled, “You’re always here”
Here we go again, that’s the one thing I fear.

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Silhouette of a Fan

The sun has risen in pale blue sky,
I see the world out there, I see this guy,
I heard a melody, I heard it breathing,
I know it’s from my body, it kept repeating;

From the corner, I stood,
From afar I looked,
I saw him glance, I saw him smile,
It made me contented for a while

His humble voice,
His eyes undying,
His heart speaks,
His faith that is growing.

From that moment, I became a fan,
Awakened by the sweet voice of this man,
Talking to him will complete the missing,
But thy mind says “no”, my heart continuously kicking.

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