The Nameless One

I’ve been living here longer than most of the people here. I was born here and I grew up here. For the past two and a half decades, I watched this town grow. New faces in new houses; every day is a brighter day.

Most of the locals I grew up with are perhaps too old to recognize me, but some still do. Was it because I aged or had their memory been erased by time? On my morning walks, I pass by some neighbours sweeping old leaves and food wrappers off the street. They would often notice me and call my name to say hello. Only the old folks do this. The new neighbours don’t fancy sweeping the street. Are they still asleep? Or do they not like mornings at all?

I remember back when I was still young, I would often go out and play with my friends. We would play tag, hide-and-seek, and even pretend we are playing Counter-Strike live with pretend-bombs, bomb sites, and spawn areas. All of us call each other nicknames, and we only know each other by those names. I’m not sure if they still remember mine, but I still do remember theirs. It has been years since I last played with my friends. I seldom see my old playmates; if I do, I would see them smoking sticks. Some might have already left to live somewhere else with their parents. It seems like I’m the only one left here.

I do not go out and go around town that much anymore. But if I were shown all the people living in our town, I can recognize which people are living in the vicinity, while also naming those who I know. The rest, they are our new neighbours who settled in the numerous newly built apartments probably because our town is near the workplace. I can say, our town really grew big through the years.

A few months ago, I thought I saw a familiar face. I have a feeling because I can recall playing with her many years ago when we were kids. Or maybe she was just another of those new kids who came here just a few years back. I am not sure; I might not have actually seen her before.

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Warrior Soul

But I have found myself in you
But you have given me a clue

From the lies
that were once my truth
Am I saved?

Or this is just the start
Of our own suffering
From being a mistake
And a conceiving erratum

Black from all whites
I am different
A complete opposite
Whose heart beats for my same kind

Asking; is it my fault?
That I long for the same color
A princess loving another princess
A girl who had sword behind her dress

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A Dream Within My Dream

I wasn’t sure if I believe in love
And then here I met you
I wasn’t sure if these feelings last
And then I fell out of the blue.

I smile when I have you close
How I wish my heart to be yours
How strange this feeling, why?
My heart suddenly stops whenever you pass by.

I know you’re just my dream
Yes, funny it may seem
A start I couldn’t reach
Music on its highest pitch.

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Impeccable Vow

I was once afraid of falling in love,
You said I should be brave,
I spoke what’s on my mind,
It kept repeating your name.

I saw all that I had to see,
But thy heart only seeks the picture of you and me,
I heard how vexed the sound of pain was,
But I endured it, despite all the past.

I smelled the grief within my soul,
It’s you who completes my whole,
I tasted this bitter sweet complexion of life,
For you and I to stay ignite.

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