The atmosphere between them was not as calm as the weather from outside. Both were feeling tense, though they didn’t know why. It must have been the coffee — or maybe something else. But there they sat quietly; eyes distracted by the clouds drifting faster as the seconds go by. A deep breath to break the silence. Then, their eyes meet.
“You know what, I’ve been thinking,” the man said while lightly shaking his cup of coffee as if stirring its brewed content.
“About what?” the woman said.
“What if ‘us’ happened?” he looked at her. “Would we still be together?”
She looked down. Then back at his eyes. The same pair of eyes she longed to see again for a very long time.
“You know, that question has also bothered me for eight years already,” she said with a faint smile on her face.
“Really?” his face had a mixed emotion of hope and disbelief.
She looked at him and gave a slight nod.
“For all those years,” he said. “I always wanted to talk to you.”
“Why didn’t you?” she asked.
“I was afraid.”
“Afraid of what?”
“That you might not keep your word.”
He looked away and held his cup with both hands.
“That you might still reject me even if we settled to be just friends,” he continued.

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For eternity.

Tonight, I feel like dancing with you.
I’d walk to your table
From across the hall
To hold your delicate hand
And ask you for a dance

Together holding hands
On the ballroom floor of petals
Illuminated by glitters and faint lights
With a lovely melody echoing around the hall
Singing about my everlasting love for you

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Far Too Late

Today, I saw you outside our window
And a decade worth of memories
Flashed before my eyes
Haunted by a single question
That our minds cannot erase
Still wondering who gave up
And left the other falling
Waiting for too long
For the perfect time to come
Which almost came,
But was never caught
By the coward souls
With fragile hearts
Who never even tried;
Nor ever risked their lives.

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The Damsel

I’ve been dreaming a lot about you lately
Us, together
Having walks at the park
And trips to the museum
Staying at the penthouse
Swimming in a pool
Kissing like you never want to wake me up

We take a ride at a galleon heading to the place
Where all dreams do come true
I hold onto your waist
As we sail towards the east
Where the sun rises
And another day begins

I look into your eyes
And you look into mine
I’ve always known you’d look so beautiful
Even when I close my eyes

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The Wolf’s Fleece

It was the perfect dress; so simple, yet so elegant, how the lilies embraced the creamy hue of the blouse. Its beauty is one of a kind, such that it makes its wearer look like the goddess of spring. It was what she was wearing when we first met. At a table by the coffee shop window, she sat there quietly reading her copy of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon. At times, she pauses to take a sip from her cup of joe. She looks around then continues reading, perhaps she’s waiting for somebody. I’m not a stalker, but it’s just my nature observing people and looking for the best things that they have.

It wasn’t easy approaching her. I had some doubts. But I want to be close to her. I had this feeling that there is something about her that makes me want to get near her. And I shouldn’t fight that, or I’ll have a hard time sleeping that night. I would never be able to count sheep for the creature’s innocent look will just remind me all the time about the lilies running against her fleece – her lovely blouse. How can a lone wolf approach a solitary sheep without scaring it away? The wolf takes a deep breath and prepares its legs for the plunge. The sheep notices, keeping an eye at its predator. She wants to escape, but the wolf desires prey.

And so, the chase begins.

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I wished to be a painter
So that I could paint
Lovely illustrations
Of every pretty girl I see

But I chose to be a writer
So that I could write
Millions of lovely poems
For my one and only girl