To You Who Had Your Heart Broken

This is for you. For you, who loved so much, who loved with all your heart. This is for you. For you, who risked everything, who gave everything even though you have nothing else left for yourself. This is for you. For you, who had your heart broken. For you, who still loves and who still hopes even with your broken heart.

There are many things I want to tell you. Things you know, but you’re having a hard time to accept.

First of all, know that you have not committed any mistake. Loving someone, no matter how painful it is, will never be a mistake. It might be depressing and crazy, but it’s not wrong. You just loved.

You are more than enough. You do not lack anything. You do not need to be smarter, stronger, sexier, better to prove that you are worthy to be loved. You are thinking that maybe, if you have changed some parts of yourself, he will love you back. No, he will never love you back. Love means acceptance and if he can’t accept you for who you are now, he will never be able to accept whoever you will become.

You are not an option. You are not number two. You are not a part of any collection. You are not a game that he will just play whenever he is bored. You are a prized possession. A diamond in the wilderness, water in the dessert. Never let anyone minimize your value.

Do not discount your feelings. It doesn’t matter whether you and the person who broke heart had a relationship before, or he was just your friend whom you liked. It doesn’t matter whether there is something between you and that person. You loved him. He did not love you back. You feel pain and that pain you are feeling now is, and will always be, valid.

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Another Unrequited Love Poem

I am an expert on unrequited love
I have mastered the art of loving and not being loved back
I am certain that giving my all would make me empty
But I still give, I continue to give
For I am an expert on unrequited love

I am an expert on unrequited love
I eat bitterness for breakfast, pain for dinner
I have placed my heart on my sleeves and have it torn for me
But I still place it there, I continue to place it there
For I am an expert on unrequited love

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To The One I Loved The Most

To the one I loved the most,

Today, I am writing this letter. This is one of the hundreds of letters I’ll never send to you because (1) I can’t and (2) I don’t even have the right to do so. Nevertheless, I will write this letter, and I will do it not for you, but for myself. This is the only way I know I can release all of these things that I’m trying so hard to keep inside. You see, it’s very difficult to keep it all here for I fear that one day, it will all explode and destroy me. So as early as now, in this simple way that I can, I will let this all out.

It’s been a year ever since I first saw you. I admit that when I first had a glimpse of you, I was already enthralled by you and your charm. You are really one charming individual. But as soon as I noticed your somehow unusual softness, I quickly shoved away that charm of yours. I see people like you only as potential friends. Days, weeks and months went on and I was never captivated again by your irresistible allure.

However, things can really change that fast, without you wanting it, without you even realizing it. One minute, you were merely a somehow distinguished person in the campus. The next minute, I was already falling into the deep whirlpool of your eyes. I swear to heavens I felt something when you looked into my eyes. I felt something that up until now, I can’t explain and I can’t  understand. It’s as if something inside me suddenly came alive.

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