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Greetings! ╰(`・ω・´ )

Welcome to the Kahapon Pa Ako Gising literary blog! I am Clover Lark and creative writing is my passion. Joining me are my close friends, La Belinda and Gale, as well as other members of the KPAG team. We write [and post] most of our works past midnight or at sunrise.

Enjoy reading and we hope you appreciate our literary works! (We recommend using a blue-light filter whenever you read our blog posts especially if you are using the WordPress mobile app.)

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Why is this site named Kahapon Pa Ako Gising?

The title of our blog, Kahapon Pa Ako Gising, was the title of an unpublished novel that I wrote back in 2015 (which I renamed to avoid confusion with this site).

What does the date at the end of a post mean? And why do some posts have no dates indicated?

  • A date placed at the bottom of a post indicates when the post first appeared online (on another website) or when it was first written/published on paper.
  • A year is placed instead if the exact date is unknown.
  • A post debuted on this site if no such date is placed.

Where do you get the images for your posts?

We get most of our featured images from our friends (Corinne, everydei, and jy.khryztle). We also make sure that the owners of all featured images get the credit they deserve. On the other hand, featured images without credit are either taken by the authors themselves or from the public domain.

If you wish to have one of your photos featured, let us know and we might even write something out of it! 🙂

Fun Fact: The current header for this website is by jy.khryztle. The website’s icon is by Corinne. This page’s banner was the original header for Kahapon Pa Ako Gising.

How can I read your older posts?

You can go to the ARCHIVES drop-down menu at the side of your screen (scroll down a bit more if you’re using a mobile browser) and select a month to see the literary works posted on that particular month. There are more than 300 posts on this site so you’d never run out of something to read! 🙂

[All literary works, quotes, and dialogues that have appeared on this website and are published by Clover Lark, La Belinda, and the rest of the Kahapon Pa Ako Gising writers are all subject to copyright. Thank you for giving credit to this website every time you share some of the content of our works.]

This blog was created on June 6, 2015. It started as an online storage for Clover Lark’s literary works. It has now evolved into an online collection of literary works written by Clover and his friends about love, horror, and sex.

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