Complicated Heart

You started to speak with a simple “Hello!”
While I was crying on the other side
You asked me what was wrong
You told me to be strong

My heart could not beat
My mind could not think
I look upon your eyes
You uttered, “He’s not worth a cry”

You hand me a piece of cloth
To wipe my tears, to share my thought
“Who are you?” I quickly asked
“The man that will never hurt you,” you gasp.

I was shocked, I walked away
Then astonished when I saw you on another day
You yelled, “You’re always here”
Here we go again, that’s the one thing I fear.

You sent a flower with a note
“You’re the reason why my heart beats”
Should I be happy with what I read?
Or should I stop him for I am afraid?

I know I am a coward and to you, I cannot blame
There’s this fear inside my chest
Saying, even if my name spells your happiness
My heart isn’t ready for this game.

If I could only go back to the past
And chose you from the very start
If only I have met you first,
It wouldn’t be this hard

I know I like you, but it can never be right
There’s nothing we can do even if we fight
I hope someday we’ll be together
When all things are already made better.

It’s pathetic in any sound
But thy feelings are the hardest to understand
It is difficult to handle, difficult to stand
With a heart that’s complicated to define.



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