Silhouette of a Fan

The sun has risen in pale blue sky,
I see the world out there, I see this guy,
I heard a melody, I heard it breathing,
I know it’s from my body, it kept repeating;

From the corner, I stood,
From afar I looked,
I saw him glance, I saw him smile,
It made me contented for a while

His humble voice,
His eyes undying,
His heart speaks,
His faith that is growing.

From that moment, I became a fan,
Awakened by the sweet voice of this man,
Talking to him will complete the missing,
But thy mind says “no”, my heart continuously kicking.

I tried to talk, but he went away.
I tried to ask, but he is busy that day,
I remained frozen, my mind is deep,
My eyes just closed to cease the grief.

As I gazed into the mirror,
I saw the outline of myself,
I realized nothing was ruptured,
But then, something was left.

I admit I am just a fan,
An admirer of this man,
Loving him today is the best thing I have done,
Above those clouds, my heart soars through the sun.

Underneath the pain,
Something new has risen,
I knew from the start, where it all began,
That I will always and forever be his fan.



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