Rogue Lips

Ah, my lips. My everlasting luscious lips. For a long time, I have longed to have my lips to be as red as the purest drop of blood. Something that even the Kardashians would envy of having.

It was Friday night. I was busy applying my make-up on my pretty face. Carefully, I put some lip-gloss on my lips, wanting them to be as shiny as polished ruby.
“Hey, gorgeous!” I said to myself as I puckered my freshly-glossed lips.

Suddenly, my phone rang. It was one of my girls calling.
“Hey, girl!” she said. “Where are you? We’re already in the club. Hurry up!”
“Yas, yas,” I said while wiping the excess lip-gloss from my lips. “The princess is almost done. Just applying some lipstick on my lips.”
“You always take a long time putting on some lipstick,” my friend complained. “Would ya hurry your ass up?”
“Fine, fine.”
Just as I was about to end the call, I noticed something sticking out of my lips. It was a bit of dry skin. Well, I don’t want anything sticking out of my lower lip, so I pulled it out. I know it’s just small, but damn, it hurts. It left a tiny wound on my lip, which also bled for a tiny amount. I don’t mind wiping it away if it makes my lips appear more reddish.

I hurried up and went to the club as soon as I finished putting on the last layer of my bloody red lipstick. I arrive at the nightclub after a 30-minute ride and joined up with my friends.
“Hey, gals!” I greeted with my hands raised to give them a hug. “The princess is here!”
We hugged and kissed each other’s cheeks as welcome. Each of us grabbed a drink and enjoyed the wild night beneath the darkness and the laser lights.
“What are we waiting for?” one of the girls said. “Let’s go get some boys!”
And in a moment, the night just went wilder than it already was.

We went to the dance floor and joined every guy we saw dancing. Simple touches on the chest and groin is enough to get them in the mood with us. Of course, the princess would never live without its prince. So, I pulled one guy who I think I could easily get towards me. No words spoken, I grabbed his collar and kissed him like there’s no tomorrow. But then, he pushed me away; I think he didn’t like it.
“What the hell?” he said as I saw him wipe his lips in disgust.
His lips were totally red, and so was his hand that he used to wipe it. I felt pain in my lips, and it was dry.

The disgusted guy left and I was left in the middle embarrassed. Why? Was I too ugly? Was there something wrong with my lips? I wasn’t sure. But I felt broken. I had to leave the dancefloor.

I hurriedly went to the nightclub’s bathroom. I looked at my face to see what’s wrong. My contours are fine. My eyebrows are on fleek. Was it… my lips? It felt so dry. I tried to wet it with my tongue, but it was too painful to run it on my lips. I have to do something.

I took my purse and put out the lip balm my mother gave me.
“Use this the next time your lips go dry,” I remember what my mother said. “Your lips are your greatest asset, and you wouldn’t want dry lips to ruin your beauty.”
“This should never go wrong,” I thought to myself.
I put a pea-sized amount of lip balm on my finger and applied it on my droughted lips. And in a moment, my lips were as damp as wet soil. My lips are ready again for kissing.

The next morning, I arrived at my office and saw my girls mumbling. Maybe they’re just jealous of how my gorgeous face is way beyond their level. I gave them a flying kiss, and they just smiled at me – smiles I knew were fake.

I felt pain on my lips later that day. I thought my lips were cracking again. Well, I don’t want to look ugly because of my lips, so I knew I had to fix it. I went to the restroom and looked at my face at the mirror. My lips, they’re still so red, but why so dry? I have to put some of that lip balm again to bring back it’s succulent moisture.

But, what’s this? Where’s my lip balm? I can’t find it anywhere in my purse. I shouldn’t be losing it? Where is it?!

I looked back in the mirror, thinking of way to get my lip’s moisture back. I don’t want to appear ugly. I won’t let these lips ruin my supreme beauty.

Desperately, I peeled of my dry skin with my fingers. It was painful, more painful than getting your pubes waxed off. Slowly, I pulled the skin from my lips. My fingers were bloody and my lips felt like it was pinched by toothed clips. But I did not mind. I did this to retain my beauty.

I looked at myself again in the mirror. And I was speechless. That reflection… it wasn’t me. It was a goddess of prodigious beauty. And her lips… are perfection. No other lips can best these lips.

After a few moments, I walked out of the restroom confidently. All eyes were staring at me as they saw the goddess walking past. I gave them an unforgettable smile. One of my girls dared to approach me.
“What the heck did you do to your lips?” she asked in confusion.
I walked towards her, maintaining my poise.
“I just turned myself into a goddess – something you’ll never become,” I smiled, not minding the blood stains I was leaving behind me.

This story is a collaboration between Clover Lark and Slothified.

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