2nd anniv

Two years ago, a young writer first known as “The Story Teller” launched the Kahapon Pa Ako Gising blog (a.k.a. KPAG) as an advanced birthday gift to someone special. The Story Teller compiled some of his best-written works and published them on this blog site. He added some borrowed photos from Corinne to make his posts more presentable. Another writer joining him was his close friend Lady Asteria who usually writes dark-themed poems fit for what the blog is truly all about.

The Story Teller later renamed himself as El Mañana and, eventually, Clover Lark while Lady Asteria also renamed herself to Asterial Goblyne. The KPAG writing staff grew throughout the years, encouraging young writers to express their feelings through writing.

Today, over 200 literary works have been posted by various writers of the KPAG team. With stories and poems of different genres varying from love, horror, and sex, visitors of this site (old or new) will never run out of enjoyable posts to read.

Thank you so much for two years of never-ending support! We hope that you could stay with us as our blog continues to grow. And hopefully, in the near future, this blog would get the recognition it deserves.

Without you, readers, this blog would be worthless. ♥

— Clover Lark

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Happy 2nd Anniversary, Kahapon Pa Ako Gising!

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