Chasm of Affection

10/15/13 10:15am
Lonely days have gone since l was here,
Then my eyes caught an ideal beauty.
More beautiful than my love last year,
She’s molded into an amiable young lady.

10/21/13 6:47pm
Never knew the advent of your soul,
Thoughts for a lasting goal.

11/08/13 6:00pm
Life before was common to everything,
I never encountered extraordinary.
But when she came I’m glad I’m living!
Am I inspired? Yes, exceedingly.

11/08/13 7:33pm
The day has to come,
I’m calling it My-November- Nightmare.

My heart had crashed into pieces some,
Concede and keep on dare.

01/16/14 12:08am
Once I never understood what I felt,
Because unhappy are my love- affairs.
But when we first met,
I like her to be near me always.

01/16/14 12:08am
I ate with my jerking extremities,

Til the pain ease.
I called the superior,
Begging for an Over.

04/04/14 6:02am
In my Heart there’s a resounding echo,
Penetrating within It’s crevices.
It’s love! It’s really true,
Singing with the sweetest voices.

06/13/14 10:26am
12 days residue,

You’ll come for an overview.
Month will be a bond of year,
Don’t waste it my Dear.

10/21/14 12:00mn
With love, I’m now really contented,
Satisfied to go further.
If we might be parted?
She’s the last, I’ll never find another.

10/21/14 12:00mn
You’re the Bizarre at most,

Never let you be ghost.
All your Memoir, got me Amour.


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2 thoughts on “Chasm of Affection

  1. Hi there. I’ve been browsing through my feeds, and I came across your Blog Page, your writings are all honest and raw, and I am really amaze by the fact that a lot of people, still loves to write and express their emotions through this passionate freedom, I will follow your Blog because I cannot wait to read more of your posts, and I hope you can follow my Blog Page as well, I really need opinions and thoughts about my writings. Thank you!

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