I May Not Be The One

I may not be blessed
With countless wealth
But I value you remarkably
For you are more than gold

I may not be gifted
With the brightest mind
But it’s you that all I know
What I look for and I find

I may not be able to give you
The fanciest gifts
But I can show you each day
How priceless my love is

I may not be the first one
Who made you feel alive
But I have loved you earnestly
That I could finally die

I may not be living
This life without mistakes
But soon I’ll get your heart
No matter what it takes

I may not be the one
Who treats you better
But if you come with me
I will cherish you forever

Dear, my love for you
May not be the best you’ve had

But I will not let this love die
And I will never say goodbye

August 2011


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