Telephone Convo

Hello! How are you doing?
I’m good… Thanks for asking.
I hope we can talk. No, not through the phone.
Just like the old times. Just you and me… alone.

I know its been long. Too long even
You’re in a place where you belong and I am not forgiven

A pause… A break…
I can hear every sigh that I take…

I’m fine. Don’t worry. (as a smile crosses my face)
I never even said sorry (and it disappears without a trace)

A choke… A stop… A piece of regret…
Tries to gather strength… Starting to sweat…

Stopping my sorrows. Stopping my tears.
Well it’s just your voice that I wanted to hear.
Chuckling to myself… The stupidity doesn’t evade me I know
Yet it is the silence that delivers that deafening blow

Hello, you say as you speak your name…
Leaving a message just ain’t the same…
It’s been so long. Too long even.
I never could take back what the hooded man has taken

I love you… chokes then sobs
Saying my declaration of love
For not the last time I say those words,
For not the last time it crashes my world

I know you are where you belong
Yet the soon in “See you soon!” is just too damn long


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