Broke Travellers

I don’t want to go
With your adventures;
I have my own

And I have my own way
Of making it fun

But if it’s gonna be you
Who will join me on my journeys,
Then you’re absolutely welcome
‘Cause you’re the only one
Missing in my tours

Let me grab your hand
Bring me anywhere, if you want
Together, we’ll climb mountains
Cross rivers if we must
But all I ever need
Is for you to be with me
From sunrise ’til nightfall
From sunset ’til dawn

When you’re already tired of walking,
Let me carry you
I’ll take you to where I want us to be
I will not waste this view

I don’t care if we go broke
All I need is your time
We could just lay down under the sun
And enjoy the soothing sea breeze
A moment just with you
And nothing else matters

Featured image by everydei


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