For the whole day,
I’ve been thinking
Where have you been?
I wonder what you’re doing
Are you thinking of me?

Should I save a lot of pictures of you?
‘Cause I never see your face
For the hundreds of minutes
That you are away

Should I even call you?
If I miss hearing your voice,
Will you pick up the phone
And let me hear it?

Would you show up for me
At a place you never knew?
Would you even give your time for me
At a time I need you most?

Are you willing to stay beside me now
Even if you know you can’t?
Would you even think of me in the end
After a day of being out?

I won’t expect a promise.
I won’t set up a plan.
I trust you; you’d be here
I’ll even wait till dawn

I’d still be here waiting
Even if you never come
Your body may not make it here
But your presence in my mind’s enough

Featured image by jy.khryztle


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