You Murderer

I know that someday
I’ll be stabbed by a man
Or perhaps get hit by a bus
But, darling, that won’t be
The cause of my death

Maybe you will be the one
To stab me
Or hit me
‘Cause, darling, you will be
The cause of my death

I don’t need someone
To beat me ’til numb
Your words are enough
To hinder my breath

I don’t have to shoot
Myself in the head
Our memories are enough
To shock me ’til dead

Your tongue,
Like a dagger,
Slits through my throat
Killing me softly
With each gentle lick

Why should I hang
My body on a rope
When you can choke me
With your bare hands?

If I jump off this building,
Would you save me?
Or would you be the one
To push me instead?

I know my greatest fears
Would kill me someday
And I’m afraid of losing you

But why am I already dying
Even if I still have you?

If you came not to protect me,
Abandon me now
If you came just to kill me,
Kill me now

Don’t worry anymore
You don’t have to plan it
By the time that you let me go
I would be already dead

Featured image by manicmetanoia


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