Phantom Limb

I am feeling lucky. Today, I am finally reborn to a person I have always wanted to be. I went out to walk as the new and improved version of myself. But, things do not seem right at all. People kept staring. Mostly all the parents and children that I came across gave me the disgusted look.
“Oh my god, poor guy,” one lady said. Of course, I shrugged them off.

They don’t understand. I am better this way. I am happy and satisfied.

I decided to go all out and ride a bus. This will be the first time since I became a new person. I kept attracting attention but I do not mind. They will see my greatness, my happiness.

I sat on the first row. After a few minutes, an old man went in. He saw me and we shared a friendly grin. He sat next to me.

The old man looked at me and studied my appearance.
“It seems we had the same fate, kid,” he said.
“You think so? Why?”
“We lost both one leg. Yours seem freshly removed too.”

I looked down to see my leg.
“Yes, sir. I am happy it is finally gone.”

January 11, 2016

Featured image from Pinterest


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