The Unforgotten

In my head, I wanted to ask her. I want to reminisce about certain memories of the past. We will laugh together by the thought that we once ran under the rain. I want to ask her if she still has the things I gave her on Valentine’s Day. Does she still remember how we met? I want to tell her great things that I’ve learned for the past few years. I once promised her that I will learn to play the guitar for her. Now, I teach guitar lessons every summer.

Does she still remember that there was once a young man who proposed to her the same day she turned 20?

I am finally here outside her door. I opened it and saw her reading a book. It was the book I gave her on Valentine’s. I can tell by her face that she is unaware that she’s been reading the same book for 10 years.

“Excuse me,” I said.
She looked at me with confusion.
“Yes? Who are you?”
I sat next to her, looked at her pale, wrinkly face. I am about to introduce myself the same way I did yesterday.

February 2, 2016

Featured image by Corinne



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