A Curious World

I can’t take it anymore. I can’t live another day knowing that my husband can’t remember anything. I feel like all of the memories that we have together had just come to a waste.

My friend once told me that telling him stories would be the best way to help my husband remember things. So, one morning, I decided to recall some of the memories that we had while I serve him his breakfast in bed. He had just got home from the hospital after confinement and still needs to lay down in bed while he recovers.

“Good morning, honey! I made you breakfast.” I greeted my bed-ridden husband with a big smile on my face. He didn’t even say a word. He just stared at the ceiling as if he didn’t hear anything. I sighed and sat next to him. I stroke his hair gently and began telling our story.

“Remember when we first met? It was the most awkward moment of my life. I was reading a book at the bookstore when you approached me and said, ”That character died in the end.” I was so annoyed because that character was my favourite in that book and you spoiled the ending. I hit you with the book on the shoulder and gave you a mean look. You were giggling when you said that you’ve already read the book. Ah, that was the cutest giggle that I’ve ever heard. Then you asked for my name and bought the book for me. I was a bit shocked about what had just happened, but it made me feel special. We exchanged numbers and you left while saying, ”See you soon!” I held the book on my chest and smiled, hoping that we will see each other soon.”

“I was not that kind of outgoing person but you invited me to go out with you to a theme park one night because you said you have an extra ticket. I was surprised because we haven’t seen each other yet in a while and we’ve only known more about ourselves through instant messaging. But still, I decided to go with you since I was free that night anyway. And I never thought that that night would be one of the happiest nights I ever had. Since then, you kept on inviting me to places and gave me souvenirs. I have always wondered why you were so generous to me.”

“Then, one night, you called me. You were crying on your phone. It was the night when your mom died. You told me that you have never seen each other for a long while. You recalled that when you were young, your mom did not give you any gifts. You also tried to make something out of junk just to give something to her but still, she did not appreciate it. It was then when I knew that you were just trying to look for some appreciation for the things that you give. Then you met me, the person who you think will appreciate everything that you do.”

“Actually, I’m not that type of person because I don’t know how to appreciate things. I never really cared about the book before you bought it for me. That was the first time someone has given me a true gift. That was also when I learned how to cherish things. That was when I learned that there are actually things that are worth appreciating. And I thank you for that. You have actually taught me a valuable life lesson. I still have that book that you gave me. I took care of that book like I never cared before.”

“Every time you invite me to places, I feel special because no one has ever invited me to go somewhere. I hate being with people, but being with you made me feel important, that I really have a reason to live for another day. You gave light to my dark world. I can’t believe how a simple guy like you have changed this girl, who had once thought about ending her life, into a happy lady that looks forward to her life with him.”

“But there you are, not being able to remember a single thing about what happened to us. Maybe someday you’ll remember how you really mean to me. For the meantime, I’ll tell you the moments that we had together, the ups and downs that we ‘ve been through, our wedding day, and the following days after that. I hope I, and especially you, could still remember those. I love you.”

I closed my eyes and kissed him on the forehead. There were tears in both of our eyes. And I just smiled. I think he remembers. Now I’m thinking about what to tell him about next.

March 2014


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