Candle Flame

To the girl who served
As the candle to my home
When I lost the light
And got shrouded in darkness
You served as the light
To my heart lost in silence

Though you are not
What I want
You are what I need
To live past through
This gloomy night

I’ll move you away
From the open window
For I don’t want the flame
To be gone in an instant

And I’ll move you away
From the fragile curtain
For you may burn me down
And the other houses
Around the town

For endless nights
You gave me light
When I was blinded
You gave me sight
Though it’s faint
You still have purpose
But I know you won’t last
You burn down so fast

Your flame waves at me
As you say goodbye
But the night isn’t over
I still need you
Don’t die

As I wish for the light
To come back home
You stood there crying
Ending your life
Every second
Through the night

And now the light
To my home is back
I shall blow the candle flame
For it could no longer be
Of any purpose
Through the night

But with the remaining life you have
I shall keep you
For I may use you once again
When the light has faded
When daylight has ended


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