Here I am again, looking at the same couple I’ve been observing for the past few months. Why? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just bored and I have to look for such entertaining stories. And the story of this couple was so interesting to me.

I’m not related to them in any way except that we are schoolmates. It’s just that I see them wherever I go at any time of the day. It started when they were still strangers to each other. From then, I started watching them until I thought that I should write a story about them.

I was eating lunch at the cafeteria at a table not far from the guy when the girl came and asked him if she could sit next to him because all of the seats were taken. The guy agreed to share seats with her and later they had a chat. As time went by, they became friends until the day I saw them together at the balcony in dismissal – both of them alone.

I did not come closer to warn them that it’s getting late and they need to go home immediately. I just observed and listened. The guy finally admits that he likes her. The following days, they were like a chain that can never be broken, as if they’ve been glued to each other. They weren’t displaying their affection that much; they just hug and cuddle each other while giving light kisses to their cheeks. Then the guy decided to turn things to a whole new level.

While sleeping at the bookshelves of the library, I have overheard a conversation and it woke me up. I peeked at where it was coming from and saw them at a table. The guy asked her if she could be his girlfriend. I was surprised when the girl hugged him and gave him a pat at the back.

And she whispered, “Yes.” in his ear. The guy was so happy but can’t make noise in the library. He just hugged her real tight and told her, “I love you so much!”

On weekends, they go to the mall for a date. How did I know that? It’s because I was there, too! They play at the arcade, go to the movies, and eat dinner. I find them cute and I’m kind of envious on what they’re doing. But something fishy was going on.

I have observed that the girl is unhappy with the relationship. I don’t know the reason but I can link this to her boyfriend’s acts. I saw him “cheating” on his girlfriend whenever she’s gone. I don’t even think it was a best friend of his or even a cousin. I did not tell her about this, but she knows what to do. I just want to see what will happen next.

At one of the benches in the lobby, I saw the girl crying and her boyfriend’s arm on her back as if he’s comforting her. I watched them talk until the girl left him and walked away. I just heard from the others that they broke up.

Since then, I never saw them together again or even the couple themselves. I was just surprised to see them again yesterday at the cafeteria doing the same thing that happened when they first met as if wanting to get their relationship back.

January 10, 2014

This post originally appeared in Clover Lark’s first blogsite.

Featured image from YouTube


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