I’m Sorry

Wake up from your bed
Hear the doorbell sing
Look out the window
Can you feel me?

I’m here at your doorstep
Holding flowers and sweets
A ten-page letter in my mind
To say just to apologize

I wish to see the smile
That you’ve always shown me
But you showed a straight face
To someone you wouldn’t want to see

I couldn’t speak
My courage has left me
Just like what I did to you

I couldn’t say a single word
From my lengthy essay
I’m afraid I might just hurt you
With blunt thorns
On your sensitive heart

I didn’t mean to hurt you
It was I who did wrong
I was selfish
I covered my own ears
Never to hear words
That clarify mistakes

But I was afraid to lose you
So I came back running
Across this far distance
Made by misunderstanding

Don’t run away
I’ll catch up with you
Listen to my heart
It still beats for you

I’m down on my knees
Begging for forgiveness
My eyes flooded with tears
Don’t cover your ears

Darling, may we speak?
Can we start again?
I promise I won’t let you go
For now, I know
Why I really need you

For many nights
I tried to cry
But all I had to do was pray
For I know
One day
You will forgive me
And I will thank the Lord
That you are still with me


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