Meant To Be Till The End

All things were meant to happen.

I asked someone very close to me once, “What if I never never met you?”
He told me, “Then someone else will.”
“How did we meet again?”
“We were both invited at our friend’s party.”
“So if it wasn’t for our friend, will we even meet each other?”
“We’ll still meet, but we’ll never be as close as what we are now.”
“How exactly did we become friends?”
“We accidentally bumped at each other.”
“So if we did not bump at each other, will we even meet each other?”
“We’ll still meet, but we’ll be very busy talking to our new friends during the party.”
“How did our relationship start again?”
“I invited you to somewhere and you were busy that time but you went with me instead.”
“So if I rejected your request and went on with what I was doing, will we even become lovers?”
“We’ll still become lovers, but on some other time.”
“What if, one day, we broke up and we never became lovers again?”
“We’ll still be lovers, we just needed a break. But if we never came back and that was meant to happen, then we were never meant to meet each other at the first place.”
I hugged him tight and cried.
“Promise me you won’t let that happen.”
He hugged me too.
“If things are supposed to happen, then we should accept it and live our life with the thought of acceptance. I can promise you that I won’t let that happen. But if fate is stronger than our love, then I’ll be very sorry.”
We broke up several months later. But we’re close again, and I think he wants to bring us back. I also want it back and I’m still thinking about it. Maybe we were really meant to be in the end.
November 30, 2013

This post originally appeared in Clover Lark’s first blogsite.


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