The Smiling Statue

There was this statue of a smiling angel with her hands raised on both sides standing on a platform with faces of people around it located at the centre of the city. There were a lot of urban legends surrounding the statue, but I’ve heard one ultimately creepy story that disturbed me in my sleep. Maybe it is one reason no tourist ever goes to the city anymore. They were freaked out and haunted to death by this creepy-looking statue. One survivor told me his terrifying encounter with the statue.

One day, when he was strolling around the city park, where the statue was located, he was admiring the faces around the statue’s platform. He noticed that the faces were screaming as if they were asking for mercy. He gazed upon the life-size statue and took a picture of its wonderful smile. After taking the picture, an old lady tugged his shirt to get his attention.
“You shouldn’t have taken a photo of her,” the old lady said.
When he asked why, he was told, “You see those faces over there? Those were the faces of the people who took a photo of the statue. they all mysteriously died a few days after they took a photo of the statue. Better be careful, for you have now fallen into the curse!” The old lady warned the man.
“Curse? What curse?” he asked the old lady.
“It was said that the sculptor who made this statue hated being photographed, especially if the shots were stolen. So he made this smiling statue to take his place and to tell the people that this statue will always be ready to smile for them. After he had died, a lot of people had witnessed the statue wearing a sad face. A well-known photographer took a photo of this incident. The next day, he disappeared and was never found again. As the months pass by, the faces here kept on growing in number! Now they’re telling people to stop taking photos of the cursed state for the statue sees who those people are and haunts them to death!” she yelled.
“Was there someone who survived the curse you were talking about?” he asked in obvious wonder.
“None so far. But I hope God will be on your side,” the old lady said as she touched his cheek and walked away. He watched a fellow tourist taking photos of the statue before he went home to eat lunch.

When the man entered his hotel room, he noticed that the window was open. He approached the window and closed it. And then he heard a knock on the door. He peeped through the door hole but saw no one. He then took his lunch from the fridge and sat by the window. He was gazing through the windows until he saw something disturbing. Someone was staring at him behind the curtains of the window of another building. He looked closely and noticed that it wasn’t a person — it was the smiling statue herself. He was shocked to see the statue smiling at him. He knew he was in trouble.

The man went back to the park to see a crowd in front of him. He looked up to where the crowd was staring at and saw the statue carrying a desecrated corpse of the old lady she was talking to earlier that day. The statue was covered in blood. He went to look at the platform and was surprised to see a familiar face — the tourist who was taking photos of the statue a while ago. He ran away with his heart pumping so fast.

The man went to his hotel room and locked all points of entry.
“I need to get out of this city real quick!” he thought.
He packed his stuff and prepared to leave, but the statue suddenly burst into the room through his window! The statue slowly walked slowly towards him with a grim smile on her face. He rushed to the door and tried to open it, but it was heavily locked. The statue suddenly grabbed him, stared at him, and opened its mouth wide. Its eyes and mouth glowed and made a loud disturbing shriek as she absorbed the essence of her victim. The man was screaming loud in pain and in horror.

Luckily, he was able to fight back. He kicked the statue in the leg, which somehow weakened it causing the statue to release him. He quickly took the lamp on the table and hit it hard on the statue’s head. The statue’s eyes were scraped off, blinding her. The man stood by the window and yelled, “Over here!” The statue heard him so she rushed towards him. But the man was quick enough to dodge the attack and the statue went straight through the window, falling on the ground broken.

The man fainted and was rushed to the hospital when he was found several minutes later. He then told this story after recovery. Today, only the platform remains in the park.  But people say that there were still sightings of the statue in the darkest parts of the city, waiting for its new victim, perhaps.

January 19, 2015

Featured image by natkarin12


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