Withered Bloom

I can’t accept the fact
That the flower has wilted
I know it was my fault
For I never took care

The stem turned stiff
The leaves turned dry
The florets lost its colour
The petals lost its bloom

I tried to fix a broken heart
But all has shattered into shards
I tried to help a hopeless mind
But I grew tired of being nice

Maybe I was tempted
To pick up the flower
Instead of letting you be
I killed you with my dreams

If I water the dead flower,
Would it come back to life?
If I say sorry for what I’ve done,
Would you come back and still be mine?

As you prepare for your farewell,
Let me share with you once again
All the things that love can tell
And the things I have yet to show

One thing I can’t face
Is the sudden realization
That I have killed the flower
I only cared for

But I believe in miracles
Let it bloom once again
Let’s bring back the love
That almost never happened

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