Undeserted Dreams

The world without teachers
Is like a mouth without speakers
Or a clinic without healers
Like hopeless minds of non-believers

Who said that learning is easy?
They know things we don’t know
We’ll never know the ABC
If they didn’t show

A teacher is a flower
In a desert full of snow
It shows us its survival
For us to fully grow

Those questions teachers ask
Aren’t useless after all
For what makes a student wise
Is just a teacher’s call

They’re angry not because you’re wrong
But because they have taught you badly
It’s like singing a sad song
That should have been something happy

“You can be anything,”
Our teacher once said
“But why become a teacher?”
We asked and she replied:

“It’s not because I want it
But because it’s something that you need.
I love to teach and love
Wisdom and knowledge are what I feed.”

At first, we thought her job was nonsense
But we get her point indeed
If there wasn’t any teacher living,
Everything in this world is useless

October 5, 2013


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