You are my favourite song
The only one I’ll sing along
The one I could listen to every day
And be stuck in my mind for the whole day

You are my favourite flower
Without my love, you’ll wither
I should cherish you for you to stay
For only you could make my day

How many times have I told you
That I will never leave you?
I haven’t told you anything
I never planned to leave at all

I shall hold you in my arms
And beg for you to stay
Not even a single storm
Can take you away

But if you’ll leave for what I’ve done
I can let you go
It would be my fault that you are gone
For I have failed to make you mine

And if there’s one thing that I should learn
That is to love you with all concern
Now please stop crying for what was lost
For I am now already here

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Featured Image by corinn.elysa


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