To Fade

Storm rage,
But not as strong as the fear ‘lil little feel.
Tormented, too much, so much,
Kill! It would be an epic deal.
Sent the fingers and such.
Down, down below,
Where endlessness belong.
Weep some more!
Why are you afraid?
This is what you wanted, to shy and fade.
Maybe, somehow I could burn.
And the remains could learn.
When ‘lil little disappeared,
Did anyone pray for her to reappear?
Or wore a mask on her grave?
Saying, “She could’ve been saved.”


a series of poems

To Fade
Living Dead
The Suicide Riddle

2nd Runner-Up
Poetry Writing Competition
National University – Foundation Week 2015

Featured Image by Corinne


3 thoughts on “To Fade

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