Fear had her captive,
A prisoner, a slave.
Bravery was a traitor,
Promised she will be saved.

A fiend living within,
Lures her to sleep.
It gently caresses her,
But leaves her to weep.

I look at her
And I try to see
The pain she hides
And the stars in her eyes.

I look at her
Still, I can’t see
There is no pain to hide,
Or any stars left in her eyes.

Then I know why there is but a statue.
She couldn’t give any clue.
It went all bursting out of her,
As she pulled the trigger.


a series of poems

To Fade
Living Dead
The Suicide Riddle

2nd Runner-Up
Poetry Writing Competition
National University – Foundation Week 2015

Featured Image by Corinne



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