Sometimes I would like to say
Something I’m too shy to say;
Been thinking about it every day,
But let time pass by and forget it anyway.

You’re the best thing in the world that I’ve never seen.
You’ve went to some places that I’ve never been.
But that doesn’t count as you being mean!
You’re someone special, that’s what I mean.

I’ve never heard of your lovely voice,
And I’m sure it’s not like a laughing porpoise.
But you’re surrounded by many boys.
How could I hear you through this noise?

You’re the one whom I wanted to see,
But the problem is you’re always busy.
To be with you, please let me be.
Even just for a day, it’s enough for me.

I’ll just wait for you to come by,
Even if time will let these flowers die.
But I have no permission to die.
Until I greet you personally, “Hi!”

February 10, 2013


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