Another Teardrop Drained

As I stare out the window, I see you.
The pleasant smile tells me that it is you.

I tried to call you, but you won’t hear it.
Whispers won’t travel through broken glass.

I heard your singing voice, but I could barely hear it.
Melodies won’t travel through distant lands.

I feel like a prisoner behind this window.
I feel like a prisoner by not being with you.

I remember the days we were together.
I can’t recall because it never happened at all.

You spoke with a voice I never heard.
You held me with a touch I never felt.

Confidence is the first step to being pretty.
You brag because you are.

A broken mood needs constant mending.
Don’t forget to smile in this world of mishap.

I’m in love with a dynamite.
No sparks or she’ll destroy me.

Destroy the world we loved.
Love the world we destroyed.

I’m afraid to talk.
You’re afraid to listen.

Break the wall between us.
But instead we fall.

We stare at each other with one hand in front.
We stare at each other with one hand behind.

An empty hand in front.
A flower behind.

A flower in front.
A knife behind.

Fill your darkness with colours.
That’s how you hide your sadness.

Fill the colourful world with darkness.
That’s how you find happiness.

Flowers for you.
That I couldn’t give you.

Serenade your soul.
That’s what I could do.

They have heard of you before.
But you haven’t heard of them.

How many people have tried their best?
All you ever did was ignore their request.

I can hear you speak words out of silence.
But silence doesn’t always mean yes.

You’re surrounded with flowers.
You’re surrounded with graves.

They held your hand.
You broke their hearts.

I thought I’d be the diamond you’ll carry around.
Turns out, I’ll be the bones you’ll bury underground.

Then grew a garden of roses.
Instead of the flowers, you picked up the thorns.

Go ahead, whip me with thorned vines.
But your words hurt more than a thousand bee stings.

Someone left you withered.
Only tears can make you live.

You kept on hiding your face.
Yet I already know who you are.

Tell me what you did.
But then, you’ll just forget it.

Judge their mistakes.
Laugh with your mistakes.

Unsure of who to love.
You love those who are unsure.

You ran away.
I followed.

I ran away.
You stayed.

One goes to sleep.
One stays awake.

Close your eyes.
A vague segue.

You dream of lips not kissing.
You dream of lips not bleeding.

In my arms, you came.
In his arms, you went.

I’m smiling because I have you.
I’m crying because I can’t have you.

None of these has ever happened.
You were never mine.

What good comes with complaining?
I’m sure you’re not even listening.

And the dynamite I fell in love with
Blew up and destroyed my world.


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