The Stage of False Memories

I lost my right to be named king.
I was dethroned from my own kingdom.

I came across town and saw a couple.
Kissing while their knives are at each other’s backs.

Welcome to the theatre of never-ending acts.
Welcome to the theatre of actors in masks.

Rome was not built in a day.
The world was built in seven days.

The seeds sown were eaten by birds.
The birds soared high and plunged to the sea.

People were punished while building a wonder.
People were punished for destroying a wonder.

Fake smiles are for the weak.
Fake tears are for the coward.

There once lived a mountaineer who reached the top.
She slipped and fell together with her dreams.

The skier shouted.
The avalanche killed him.

Games are not played on lava.
Awaken the dragon; next day, you’re dead.

The birds sing out of tune.
The mimes sing with a glorious tune.

Let go of one.
What’s left is none.

What had crashed was not rebuilt.
What was lost was never found.

The light’s so bright, it makes me blind.
The world’s so silent, it makes me deaf.

Balloons go pop.
Your mind goes flop.

What’s best for you is not the best for them.
Don’t change the fact that you’ll never be them.

You just gave me a reason to live.
You just gave me a reason to die.

Let’s hide everything from the eye.
The brain won’t know, anyway.

Let’s expose everything to the eye.
The authority shall kill you.

Gather the overflowing pus from your pimple in a glass.
Drink it or you’re banned.

I came in unprepared and got killed in the battle.
Guns are useless without the bullets.

Convict the pusher.
Free the user.

Convict the maker.
Free the dealer.

It’s for free and nobody bats an eye.
It’s expensive and everyone loses their minds.

The dove speaks endlessly in the cage.
It remains silent once released.

All in a day’s work, someone has to go to sleep.
All in a day’s laziness, someone has to stay awake.

I lost track of time.
Pleasure made me irresponsible.

Can’t you just accept the changes?
Things don’t have to stay the way you like it.

You have the right to complain.
Authority just keeps you from talking.

The only happy time in a mountain is being on top.
Living in it is dangerous.

Keep your trash in a jar.
But make sure to dispose of it afterwards.

Lightning strikes twice on the same place.
Once missed, never seen again.

Curiosity makes you press the button.
Knowledge makes you not press the button.

One shall not exist without the other.
If you can exist without her, then she’s not your other.

You’re not the only one who has the same dress as hers.
One store hers while you wear yours.

The baker bakes cakes.
The maker makes mistakes.

Don’t sell snow cones in the world full of snow.
I can get my own snow and make one for free.

There’s a whole lot of outside inside your gut.
There’s a whole lot of outside inside your mind.

The world was never fair.
You don’t control it.

It’s so fun to know how I can forget things at my own will.
It’s so sad to know how I can remember things against my own will.

No necklace for the neckless.
No back brace for the reckless.

The bed of nails are more comfortable than the bed of roses.
Walking on coal won’t even hurt a bit.

Close your eyes and go to sleep.
Blow the candle and lose its warmth.

I regret the time I ignored you.
Now you don’t regret ignoring me.

Talkative when faceless.
Silent when faced.

When I hear the sound of rain, I feel better.
When I hear the sound of pain, I feel bitter.

I’m so disappointed with myself.
Why would I have to live in a world filled with you?

I’m a selfish self-centered individual.
Why would I have to follow instructions by you?

This world I lived in was someone else’s kingdom.
But within this world I created mine.

I watched how it went through the good and the bad.
Use your mind not your senses.

I didn’t like what you’ve become.
I can’t believe how a conflict ruined everything in you.

I can’t believe how a loser became a loser in her life.
I can’t believe how a winner became a whiner in his life.

This world is unacceptable.
Perhaps no one shall ever notice.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
You were never invited to change everything in it.

February 6, 2014


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