The Singing Bird

Herminio is a thrifty man. He always has his ways in making a budget meal look like a buffet. His classmates are also mystified with how Herminio survives the whole day with the tight amount of budget that he always brings to school – considering how far his school is from his home. But Herminio is clever enough to know what he is doing. He values money so much that he couldn’t even think of anything to spend it on (because he hates spending money for himself).

But there is one thing Herminio couldn’t stop spending his money for, Regina, his girlfriend. Regina does not demand too much from Herminio since she can already be happy when he gives her the simplest gifts. Regina is contented with eating street foods whenever they are having a date, and Herminio is quite happy with that because he doesn’t have to spend too much. But sometimes, Regina gets upset whenever Herminio tries to avoid spending a lot on their dates. This disappoints her and causes Herminio to spend the money he has been trying to save for himself. Nonetheless, Regina still understands the times when Herminio has absolutely nothing to share, in which she sometimes shoulders everything with her money.

One day, Herminio’s father gave him a one-thousand Peso bill, an amount of money large enough in Herminio’s standards.
“Don’t tell your mom that I gave you money,” his father said.
“Thank you, dad,” Herminio said. “I won’t tell mom.”
Herminio knows that his mother would never give him his daily allowance if she finds out that he has enough money for the week. Now, it is up to Herminio how to spend the money his father gave him.

He thought of buying the books that he had always wanted to buy. Or maybe buying game credits for the online game that he is addicted to playing. But instead, he thought about repaying Regina for what she had spent for him in the past few weeks. So, with the huge amount of money in his hand, he thought of having a date with Regina. It’s been a long time since they ate at a restaurant.

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A Dream Within My Dream

I wasn’t sure if I believe in love
And then here I met you
I wasn’t sure if these feelings last
And then I fell out of the blue.

I smile when I have you close
How I wish my heart to be yours
How strange this feeling, why?
My heart suddenly stops whenever you pass by.

I know you’re just my dream
Yes, funny it may seem
A start I couldn’t reach
Music on its highest pitch.

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Impeccable Vow

I was once afraid of falling in love,
You said I should be brave,
I spoke what’s on my mind,
It kept repeating your name.

I saw all that I had to see,
But thy heart only seeks the picture of you and me,
I heard how vexed the sound of pain was,
But I endured it, despite all the past.

I smelled the grief within my soul,
It’s you who completes my whole,
I tasted this bitter sweet complexion of life,
For you and I to stay ignite.

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